Sunday, 26 November 2006

Menu Plan: Week 2

On the menu for Week 2 of my four week rotation ...

Lunch: Turkey joint, roast potatoes and vegetables
Dinner: Sandwiches

Lunch: Pitta bread and houmous
Dinner: Crockpot beef and mushrooms, peas

Lunch: Poached eggs on toast
Dinner: Pasta with chicken, red pesto and creme fraiche (very easy, Star ate this with green pesto when visiting a friend and nagged until I asked for the recipe)

Lunch: Cheese bagels
Dinner: Shepherd's pie, carrots

Lunch: Tuna and cucumber sandwiches
Dinner: Grilled chicken, potato wedges, green veg

Lunch: Pizza
Dinner: Salmon, rice or potato, sweetcorn

Lunch: Vegetable soup and crusty bread (homemade soup with carrot, swede - rutabaga? - and potato)
Dinner: Homemade scones and cake (more of an afternoon tea than a dinner!)

Most days we have fruit for dessert after dinner, depending on what is on offer at any given time. This week it has been mainly pineapple and satsuma. Occasionally I will cook something, but not often. A friend gave me surplus apples from her tree, so I ought to make something with them - probably an apple crumble on Sunday.

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