Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Cake decoration ... and an egg bomb!

We belong to a small, local, Christian homeschooling group that organises an activity once a month. Today's was cake decorating. We had to take along our own cakes ... Star opted for a chocolate sponge she made herself, and I made a plain sponge for Angel, who is kitchen phobic (a less kind but more accurate description might be lazy!). This is what the kitchen looks like when Star bakes:

Note particularly the drainer, where it appears an egg explosion had taken place.
Star normally gets me to crack eggs for her, but as I had a sleeping baby on my lap she tried to do it herself. According to Angel her method was more crushing than cracking, which explains why the first egg-and-a-half missed the bowl entirely. After that Angel graciously consented to do something cookery-ish and cracked them for her.

If you wonder about the table lamp on the kitchen side, it is there because the kitchen light has broken. This is a huge irritation in my life, but has not yet been irritating enough for long enough to force us to call an electrician to fix it.

The cake decorating was fun, and went remarkably smoothly considering the wide age range of the decorators. They learned how to roll icing (frosting) and cover the cake neatly, and how to make marzipan fruits. Then they were given a free hand to decorate and trim their cakes. Angel's is on the left, Star's on the right.

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