Sunday, 28 January 2007

This week's menu

Inspired by the Meredith's Carnival of Meal Planning I thought I'd post this week's menu, which is basically my menu plan Week 1 with a little variation ... my menus have mutated a little over time. My four week rotation for lunch and dinner is working well, but I do need to get to grips with breakfast, which is at best boring and at worst chaotic with everyone eating separately and Star forgetting (and being forgotton) completely.

Lunch: Roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts
Dinner: Fish balls and salad

Lunch: Tortilla pizzas
Dinner: Chicken, mushroom and potato bake, sugar snap peas

Lunch: Cheese on toast
Dinner: Beef casserole and yorkshire pudding

Lunch: Baked potatoes in jackets, baked beans
Dinner: Lamb chops, sauteed cabbage, mashed potato

Lunch: Egg mayo sandwiches
Dinner: Breaded chicken strips, chips (= fries), sweetcorn

Lunch: Macaroni cheese
Dinner: Baked salmon, peas, rice or mashed potatoes

Lunch: Burgers and salad
Dinner: Hot chicken and crusty bread

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