Saturday, 25 October 2008

Honeyed Welsh Lamb

This was the nicest lamb recipe I have ever cooked. The honey-cider gravy was delicious!

Leg of lamb (4lbs served 6)
4 tablespoons runny honey
1/2 pint dry cider (hard cider)
1 tsp ginger
Salt and pepper
2 sprigs rosemary

Rub lamb with seasonings (ginger, salt, pepper)
Place in baking dish and spoon honey over the top
Pour cider around lamb
Place rosemary on top
Bake at 425deg / Mark 7 for 30 minutes
Cover lamb with foil and turn heat down to 400deg / Mark 6 and cook for a further 20 minutes per pound (we like our lamb well done and I rounded it up to 2 hours total cooking time for our 4lb part-boned leg - this was perfect)
Remove foil for last 15 minutes to crisp up
Skim off any fat from the gravy and serve.


Jennifer said...

Is the dry cider of the alcoholic variety? Here in the USA in the Fall we drink an apple juice sort of a cider but I think you might mean a sort of a beer, right?

The Bookworm said...

Yes, it is the alcoholic cider. Is that available in the US?

Melanie B said...

Yes, the alcoholic kind of cider is available in the US. Usually it's labeled "hard cider". Available in just about every liquor store in the beer section.

This sounds scrumptious. I usually cook a leg of lamb at Easter. I may have to try this variation.

The Bookworm said...

Thanks Melanie, I'll amend the post. It really was delicious and so very easy.